NaviDry Index: strong together with numbers

Welcome to this ‘one stop’ workspace for the professional inland waterways freight operator. The heart of this workplace is the NaviDry Index: a free, independent and anonymous freight index for dry bulk goods on European inland waterways.

How does it work?
- As a participating skipper you enter details of the trips you have carried out (including type of goods, loading and unloading point, price per ton).
- It takes just two minutes per trip.
- If you are offered a new trip, you can see with a single press of a button how much other panel members have been paid for a similar trip.
- In addition, every week you receive a summary of your own figures compared to the overall market trend.

What does the index measure?
- We translate the individual trips into a scientifically based market index.
- The loads are divided into groups based on vessel size (350, 600, 1200, 2500 and 3500 tons).
- For each group we calculate an index in eurocent per kilometre-ton.
- If freight charges increase, the index will rise. If rates fall, so will the index.

What can you do with it?
- You can check to what extent the margin between your fixed day rate and your freight prices are in line with the latest market index.
- You get extra ammunition to negotiate better: valuable arguments based not on rumours but on objective data from a large number of entrepreneurs.
- Afterwards you can look back on your (annual) performance, the impact of water levels, etc.
- You can check to which market segments your ship is best suited.
- The sector will become more transparent and therefore more attractive for potential transport users.
- It can help you to better support a bank loan application.

Will others see my data?
- We are highly vigilant about the confidentiality of all data entered.
- Only skippers can sign up for an account and enter rates.
- Nobody can see ship names of other participants.
- Other market players have no access to our data.
- It is our intention over time to use a general index to inform the government, banks, researchers and shipping users about the sector. That makes the inland waterways market more transparent and more attractive. It can also be useful if we are ever again confronted with a crisis. The NaviDry Index can then show how serious the problems are and help support measures can best be developed.

Other business applications?
- You can already use our trip calculator.
All you need to do is enter a few numbers. After that you can calculate with a single click of the mouse how much you will make from a trip.
- A second handy application is the margin measure.
You can very easily keep all your costs in one place. Our computer application automatically translates this data into a clear visual image to help you to monitor your margin.
- We will develop more business applications over time based on your input.

Special offer for pioneers!
- The more participants, the more reliable our index will become.
- So we want to reward those who sign up from the start.
- If you subscribe now and regularly enter all your trips over the next 6 months, you can use the trip calculator and margin measure free of charge for two years. If you want, you will also be given personal support to interpret your margin figures.
- Moreover, the first subscribers who join us for 6 months could win one of 5 cases of delicious Barbera wine that will be raffled among the first 100 subscribers!

What will we not do?
- We are not a platform for reaching agreements on price. We monitor market developments closely, but it is up to each individual entrepreneur to do what he wants with this information.


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