Here are three important steps for entering the cargo data on the Navistats website.
Do NOT forget to switch off the popup blocker. See also the first film. That is an option that ensures that advertising screens do not open. It is best to allow this for

1.    Log in: We have given you a log-in name and a password. Go to and follow what you see on the film below.
2.    Proceeds of a trip: if at ‘Proceeds of a trip’ you submit your departure point and your cargo and you start the search action (see film) then you can see how much has been paid for such a cargo since the start-up of the platform. If you also submit the destination then you know how much you may ask altogether.

3.    Entering the freight data: there are quite a few fields to be filled in but that makes compiling statistics easy later on. And we don’t know the waterways as well as you do ……. Try to submit data as clearly as possible. For the countries we use BE, NL, FR, GER, LUX and CH as country names.


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