Bank Van Breda

As professional inland shipping operator you would undoubtedly wish to have logical and objective market information with regard to the transport of dry cargo by barge at your disposal every day. How else can you efficiently negotiate the price for an upcoming shipment?
With the NaviDry Index you have your finger on the pulse within the sector in which you as operator invest so much!”

Guy Cabus
Key account manager
Risk management specialist
Bank J. Van Breda & C°"

KBC Bank
Inland shipping is a sector that is constantly developing and becoming more professional, being a very important link in the overall transport cycle. 
Inland shipping operators invest a lot in their business. We consider it important that they have accurate market data to enable them to carry out their shipments at the right price. 
Initiatives such as NaviDry Index can serve as important support.     

Francesca Ceulemans 
Inland Shipping
Account Manager 


Deputy Head of Cabinet Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits

Inland shipping as means of transport with sustainable properties plays an important role in Flanders’ mobility policy. It is important that this type is developed further as a professional, transparent and reliable means of transport.
A platform such as the Navistats platform aims to support inland shipping operators in professionally managing their affairs on the one hand, and on the other bringing transparency about the evolution of tariffs to the public at large in an objective manner. 
Similar initiatives can contribute to the development of inland shipping as a fully-fledged means of transport to which the Flemish government is also fully committed. 

Dominique Van Hecke, Deputy Head of Cabinet Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits


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