Essenciál BVBA is an independent consultancy company that deals almost exclusively with inland waterways. Filip and Carl work on shifting freight flows to the inland waterways, Valentin also deals with the railways.

From our activities as transport experts for De Scheepvaart NV, VOKA and Brussels Port, we saw a need for increased transparency and professionalism in the inland waterways sector. The government, as well as industry and the banks, has called for the objective and transparent monitoring of inland waterways rates, by means of an index. The actual rates are not requested, but the government wants to know what’s really happening, to be able to decide whether and how the sector should be supported.

We ourselves as transport experts will benefit from a better understanding of the sector to shift more goods from the roads to inland waterways and to enable the inland waterways to play a much greater role in logistics activity.

As a result, we started a ‘Navistats’ project within Essenciál with the first sub-project being the NaviDry Index: a freight index for dry cargo. In the maritime world we know the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) that is used by all banks and investors in ships to make financing decisions.


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